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How costs are calculated

If I pick up my vehicle at 2.30pm on a Saturday and drop it off before 2.30pm on the following Saturday is this counted as a 7 day hire?

No, hires are calculated on a daily rate not a 24 hour basis. Therefore the first and last days are both counted when calculating the number of hire days, regardless of the time you pick up or drop off the vehicle. The above example would be an 8 day hire.

Payment of costs

When do I have to pay the hire costs?

A 20% deposit is payable immediately on receipt of confirmation.  Payment of the balance must reach our Auckland office no later than 28 days prior to the pick up date.  Full payment information will be provided with the booking confirmation.  Cancellation conditions apply.

Cancellation and Refunds

If I cancel my booking will my deposit be refunded?

Refer to Terms and Conditions to see our cancellation policy. We recommend you take adequate Travel Insurance which may cover you for cancellation fees in certain circumstances.

 Change of Drop Off Location

Can I change my drop off location at any time?

No.  Once travel has commenced a change of drop off location is always subject to confirmation and may incur a fee up to NZ$750.

Travel Insurance

I have Travel Insurance which covers damage to the vehicle. Do I need to pay your vehicle insurance as well?

Some Travel Insurance policies make provision for you to be able to cover all or part of the Excess of NZ$5,000. However, you should be aware that you must still pay a Bond to us.  The Bond/Excess must be paid by credit card and will be debited immediately. The Bond/Excess is fully refundable, including the credit card surcharge if the card used to provide the Excess is a Visa or MasterCard, provided the vehicle is returned without damage to it or to third party property, and within the terms of the rental agreement.  The client will be required to have sufficient credit with the credit card company to enable us to secure the authorisation on pick up.  Payment of the NZ$5,000 Bond is per incident and should damage be incurred to the hired vehicle or third party property, the authorisation will be invoked and a further authorisation will be required.

The authorisation will be cancelled on return of the vehicle to the agreed drop off depot and on the due drop off date, in a reasonably clean, undamaged condition, with no damage incurred to third party property and with a full tank of fuel and empty toilet cassette and waste water tank.

Can I reduce my excess to zero?

The CDW Option will reduce your excess as follows

  1. One payment of NZ$38 per day (maximum $1,900 for any one hire) will completely waive the Excess. A security deposit of $250 will be required and will be taken as an imprint.

Is there cover for the tyres and windscreen?

Our CDW Option and All Inclusive Rates include tyre repair and/or replacement AND multiple windscreen replacement.

Minimum hire period

What is the minimum hire period?

A minimum of 7 days applies to all hires days except for all vehicle pick ups between 20 December and 02 January where the minimum hire period will be fourteen (14) days.
For one way hires between our two Depots (Auckland and Christchurch) a minimum of 14 days applies at all times.

One Way Fee

Is there a one way hire fee between Auckland and Christchurch?

A one-way rental fee of NZ$100* applies where pick up originates from Auckland and returns to Christchurch. This is applicable all year round.
*The one-way fee is included in the All Inclusive Rates.

 Road User Charge Recovery Fee

Is there a charge for the Road User's Tax (Diesel Tax)?

The vehicles rates per 100km are as follows:
> 2 berth: NZ$5.82
> 2 + 1 berth: NZ$5.82
> 4 berth: NZ$6.22
> 6 berth: NZ$6.22
> United Campervans and Alpha Campervans reserves the right to amend the Road User Charge Recovery Fee in response to changes in Government Road User Charges

 Short Hire Refunds

Is there a refund if I shorten my hire while on holiday?

No, there is no refund if you return your vehicle earlier than the reserved period.

 Driver’s Licence

Do I need a special licence to drive one of your vehicles?

No. As long as you are 21 years of age or older and hold a current valid driver's licence with no endorsements to be produced at the start of the hire, your country of origin licence is acceptable. However, non-English licence holders must either carry a certified English translation of their licence or an International Driving Permit while driving. A normal car licence is all that is required to drive any of our campervans. No heavy vehicle, or other special category, licence is required. No maximum age limit applies providing an appropriate valid licence is held by the hirer. The English translation referred to must be issued by one of the following authorities:

  • The New Zealand Translation Service
  • A diplomatic representative at a High Commission, Embassy or Consulate
  • The authority that issued your overseas driver’s licence

To find an authorised and approved translation service in New Zealand please follow this link:


Where are your Depots located?

Our depots are in Auckland and Christchurch, both conveniently located near to the International and Domestic Airports.

Vehicle delivery

Can you deliver a vehicle to my overnight accommodation?

No, it is necessary for you to come to our Depot to collect your vehicle so we are able to complete the necessary documentation, and familiarise you with the operation of the campervan.

Automatic Transmission

Do you have vehicles with automatic transmission?

Yes, all vehicles in the United Campervans fleet are built on Mercedes Benz or Volkswagon chassis and have automatic transmission. 

Minimum Age

How old do I have to be to hire one of your vehicles?

The minimum age for hiring a vehicle is 21 years. There is no maximum age limit.

Extra Drivers

Is there an additional charge for extra drivers?

No,  we encourage you to register more than one person to share the driving for safety reasons.


Is there heating in the vehicle?

Yes, all our vehicles have heating in the rear cabin – either 240V, diesel or gas heating depending on which motorhome you hire. All vehicles have heating in the cab which operates when you are driving.   Refer to the Motorhome Fleet page  for full details of individual models.

Vehicle Age

How old are the vehicles?

All United Campervans are guaranteed to be under 2.5 years old. 


Is equipment included in the vehicle cost?

Yes, every vehicle is fully equipped at no additional cost to the hirer. Refer to Living Equipment for a complete list of items included.


What kind of luggage would you recommend I use?

We recommend soft bags that can be folded and stored away under the bench seats in the vehicles. Alternatively, if you are picking up and dropping off your vehicle from the same depot, your luggage can be stored for you, free of charge, at the depot.

Maps and Camping Park Directories

Do the vehicles have maps and camping park directories?

Yes, all hires include a complimentary pack containing camping park directories, a complimentary New Zealand Travel Guide that incorporates a NZ Road Atlas and a Vehicle Instruction Manual, and other tourist information.

Do I have to pre-book camping parks?

We recommend that you consider making advance bookings for the peak holiday periods from  Christmas/New Year to Easter period and bookings may be wise in some of the key tourist centres.

Ferry Bookings

Do I have to pre-book the ferry service across Cook Strait?

It is advisable to pre-book ferry services in advance to avoid any disappointment and inconvenience. During the peak summer season from December to March it is strongly recommended that you do so.

Breakdown Service

Do you have a breakdown service?

Yes, you can contact us 24 hours a day on our freephone helpline. We have a comprehensive network of Service Agents throughout the country who can assist.


Can I bring my dog or cat with me?

 No.  We regret that animals are not permitted to travel in any of our vehicles, excluding guide dogs.


Do you have an Airport shuttle service?

Yes, we operate a dedicated airport transfer using the thl shuttle (branded Maui, Britz, Mighty, United and Alpha)  between Auckland and Christchurch airports and our Auckland and Christchurch depots.  For full details please visit  or .



Do the motorhomes come with WiFi?

A mobile WiFi unit is available for hire for NZ$10 per day (maximum NZ$100 per rental).

How many devices can I connect to my mobile Wi-Fi Unit?

The Mobile Wi-Fi can connect up to 5 mobile devices at any one time.

Do I have unlimited mobile Wi-Fi for my hire?

Mobile WiFi units come preloaded with 500MB of data.  Additional data bundles can be purchased by the customer through the mobile WiFi unit provider.

What are the costs if I require additional data?

The agreed data bundle prices for top ups are as follows:
1. $30 NZD for 250MB
2. $55 NZD for 500MB

Can I use it all across the country?

Vodafone 3G connection provides coverage to 97% of the places New Zealander’s live and work.

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